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Koernig/Renaud Wedding Invitations

These invitations are the result of the bride and I’s shared vision to capture the playful spirit of her relationship. The bride-to-be drools over anything that is elegant and vintage-inspired, so we had to narrow down her wide taste before starting work. We did so by examining all that we could from antique plane tickets to modern Etsy store jewelry to retro-inspired postcards.

We began work only after we found the styles that really made this couple tickā€”the final design is truly loved by the future Mr. and Mrs. Renaud!

Healthy Totes Logo

This logo was created for Natalie Bonkowski, who is starting a company called Healthy Totes. They will provide shoulder bags for women who need to carry everything in one place. She wanted to let women know that they’ll be able to fit lots of their essential belongings in the bag while staying true to personal style.

The bags are versatile and will allow women to carry their lunches, laptops and other important items in separate, insulated/waterproof pockets. Natalie wanted to create Healthy Totes because she needed this bag, so we created a logo that shows women how stylish an functional bag can be. This logo embodies the stylish feel of the bag, while illustrating its use for women who are on-the-go.

Healthy Totes Logo

Uncle Billy’s Identity by Tom Berno & Jeff Davis

Uncle Billy’s has excellent branding and a cool identity.